Skyline Literacy

Skyline literacy provides instruction, based on need, in various literacies, for adults in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, using trained, qualified instructors and volunteers

Refugee Resettlement Office: Services to Refugees and Legal Immigration Services

The Refugee Resettlement Office CWS Harrisonburg empowers new neighbors as they rebuild their lives in safety and security. With the help of local individuals, organizations, and faith groups we are creating a stronger, more diverse community with opportunities for all to thrive.

New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center: Immigrant Service and Legal Immigration Counsel

New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center works diligently to engage immigrants, connect cultures, and build community with a vision for a thriving community that everyone can call home. We focus our work on both reducing the burden that individuals and families experience when immigrating to our community and improving local community awareness and understanding of the immigrant experience and benefits to the area.

Community Health Interpreter Services

Interpreter services in many languages for medical appointments.

Call to request an interpreter and get more information.